Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17th

"For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end". Hebrews 3:14

Don't you just love being around new believers?!?!?! They are so full of life and joy. They have some many questions. They are seeing and hearing everything for the first time. They see beauty and miracles and things that we have begun to take for granted. They are so busy exploring the word and exploring God's character. They are full of hope for the future. So what has happened to us? Has God changed? Is God less marvelous, less merciful? Are God's promises greater for the new believer than for us? Are the stars any less His handiwork than they were before?
The more we know Him the MORE we should STAND in AWE of Him. The more we know Him the more we should DESIRE Him. The more we should long to be like him. The more we should long to search out the depths of His character and His love for us. We should be just as confident as we were in the beginning. Have we not seen His hand of mercy move over and over again in our lives? Our pace should not slow. Our gaze should not wander. Our gate should not swagger. We are closer to the finish line than ever before. We can see it. We know what is awaiting us. Eternity..... Eternity, basking in the beauty and perfection of God.

Below is lovely Ruth with NiƱa, the puppy. Ruth stayed with us last week and we worked on her reading. As you can also see we had a WONDERFUL rain. It was simply splendid. It rained and rained, and then rained some more. We are so very greatful for it. As you can see it left the roads a complete mud pit. We had to drive through this to get to biblestudy Tuesday night.

Below are Tara and Monce. We celebrated Tara's birthday before her sister, Christy, headed back to the states last week. Tara and Maddox will be staying through the middle of December. Monce's birthday is Saturday. Noemi is turning 1 YEAR OLD on Friday. I can't believe it !!!!! Time flies when you are having fun.

Above there is also a pic of Brother Juan with the children of Huazahuari. I introduced Juan a while back. Dan met him in jail actually. He is from El Salvador, was falsly accused, and then put behind bars. After a series of miracles the Lord has sent him to us. We are very happy to have him. He has taken over much of the Fish Project. Turns out that he has quite the green thumb. Many of us have been praying that the Lord would provide someone with know-how and initiative to work on the aquaponics. It appears that the Lord has answered our prayers.
This last week in Huazahuari I had quite a surprise. We were sitting under the Mesquite tree having bible class, as always, when a little pick-up drove into town. The kids screamed, "bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you buy us bananas?" How can you say no to kids asking for bananas???? So we bought bananas and the fruit guy took pity on us and gave us apples as well. You would have thought it was Christmas. I've never seen kids get so excited over fruit. I've also never seen bananas shoved into mouths so fast before, hahahahahaha.

Here we have Christy, Tara, and Maddox filling the monthly despensas. Many hands make light work. Cheezy saying, I know, but it's true!!!

Karla Melissa is now back at the ranch with us. She will be 14 next month. Since leaving the ranch several years ago she has been living with her grandmother in Navojoa. We are very happy to have her back at the ranch. Please pray that she would come to know the Lord. We desire her to be healed and renewed. Please pray that she would love us and allow us to love on her.

Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday. I can't believe it! Jo is cooking 2 turkeys for those of us who partake here at the ranch. I'm super excited :) I hope that ya'll have a blessed day. I'm thankfuly for every single one of you!

Please keep Sunday the 27th in your prayers as well. The 27th will be the annual gathering of CC Alamos and CC Maranatha here at the ranch. People come from near, far, high, and low. It will be a day of fellowship and praise. Please pray that the vehicles would do their job without any major mishap. Also for the 3 men that will be sharing the word. Those of us working with the children could also use your prayers.

Thank all of you who keep this ministry in your prayers SO VERY MUCH. Your intercession makes a huge diference in all that is done here. Be blessed, be safe. Keep your eyes on the clouds and your ears tuned for the sounding of the trumpet!