Monday, April 25, 2011

cositas (Stuff)

Little Ruth spent this last weekend with us. I'm helping her with her reading :)

Hi all!!!!!

Salutations from Rancho Maranatha!

"But Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossble, but with God all things are possible". Matthew 19:26

Living this life for Christ in our our strength is impossible..... It's only in the knowledge and acceptance of His mercy, grace, and love that we can become truly like Christ.

"You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body".

1 Cor 6:19b-20

Only in Christ, dwelling in Him, abiding in Him, are we able to glorify Him truly. What truly glorifies Christ in not our actions. It's not just in our acts of service. It's not just in our aiding the widows, loving the orphans, or feeding the poor. Glorifying the Lord is not simply self-denial or rigorous discipline. Glorifying God is not just doing great and daring things in His name that will be made into a book some day. Glorifying God is desiring to know Him. Glorifying God is expressing your desire to be closer to Him. Glorifying God is seeking His face with all of your body, soul, and mind. Glorifying God is falling madly in love with Him, the Creator of the universe. Glorifying God is making "Jesus Loves Me" your lovesong. Glorifying God is recognizing is grace and love. Glorifying God is allowing that grace and love to penetrate your heart and your mind. It's allowing that grace and love to change you. Glorifying God is allowing that peace that passes all understanding to penetrate every fiber of your being. Glorifying God is to live and rest in Him.

Josie shared her testimony at the Ladies' day this Good Friday. It was such a blessing to have such a young life setting such a Godly example. Dulce did the same in sharing her testimony. Both of these teen girls truly desire to serve God. They both have seen miracles worked in their lives.

Sunrise service on Cerro Prieto was breathtaking as always. How humbling it is to stand there victorious because Christ died for us. If that isn't proof of God's love, what is?

Pedro worshipping as we watched the sunrise. A wonderful young man who has come to the Lord in his youth. Pedro works in a factory. He was telling me last week that He struggles with the worldly enviroment he works in. He desires to take Jesus to his co-workers. Pray that the Lord would open doors for this young man and that he would be encouraged in his walk.

The Rancho Maranatha girls. From left to right; Josie, Carolina, Maria, Monce, Dulce,and Danny. Oh ya, the really dark native on the far right is me :) These are the girls that I bunk with and spend quite a lot of time with. Please pray for them all. Especially Carolina who has just returned to us after living with relatives. We so desire to see fruit in her life and to have her seek Jesus wholeheartedly. Maria pretty much lives with us on the weekends. She's a very smart young lady that we hope to encourage in the things of the Lord.

Anybody want a ride???? I think they could fit a couple more on there.!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family 2

Hi Everyone :) Well as most of you know my mother, brother, sister, and Larry were just here for a visit. It was a wonderful time. They left yesterday for the states. I would lie if I said it wasn't hard to watch them go. The time was so special and so much fun. I was very much the proud daughter and sister showing off my family to everyone. They all worked hard while they were here. Especially Larry! Below is a picture of Gabe and Larry organizing our construction shed. It was well overdue. They went as far as to organize all of up diferent screws and nails. What a blessing!!!!! Gabe had a sunburn from sitting in the sun organizing all day :) The group from Montana was also here last week. They built an outhouse for Dona Lupita in Navojoa and a bathroom for Don Ernesto in Alamos. Both of these elderly people were in dire need of these facilities. Thankyou so much Montana for doing this. You guys rock! This next weekend the group from Life Christian Fellowship church in CA will be arriving. They are going to help finish the bathroom that the group from Minnesota started. Talk about bathrooms galore, we've got them everywhere!!!! THat's a good thing though. There is a serious shortage of them around here! As a reminder 2 Fridays from now, the 22, is the Ladies Day. The theme for this year is Galatians 5:22, the fruits of the Spirit. Please keep the preparation of this event in your prayers. Also pray for hearts of all the woman who will attend, that they will be open and moldable. Of course that the Lord would use the speakers as well. That it would be His voice and His message that would be spoken and heard. We hope this year to have many ladies that are unsaved attend. We pray that it will be the day of salvation for many! While Sonora was here she helped get the favors ready for the ladies' day. The ladies from the Montana group helped as well. Everyone has done lots of glueing and cutting. This is my Sunday morning class. Do you like our classroom ? Ana, Lola, and I took Mom, Gabe, Sonora, and Larry to La Aduana while they were here. La Aduana is an old mining town. We also took them to Alamos and the mirador :) This past Communion Sunday two ladie gave their lives to the Lord. Maria Juana and Chita are now our sisters in Christ!!!!!!!!! Maria Juana's husband is in jail. Dan met him durning his stay though. But he is now the in-jail pastor. I cannot imagine how happy he must be to know that his wife is now walking with the Lord. Chita's son, Chemalito, has been saved for some years as well. We rejoice with him in his mother's new life! The meeting with DIF Echohoa about bringing girls to the Ranch wel went. It seems that soon we will have atleast 2 girls coming to stay with us. So yes, recently things have been quite crazy. Lots of peope coming and going, lots of plans being made. I'm restful though because I know that my God is on the throne! Nothing can change that :) Remember He's coming soon! God Bless <><

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well everyone, my family is here! Well. most of my family anyway. My mother, Gabe, Sonora, and Larry are here visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm one blessed girl. So, so ,so glad to have them here. Last night in Las Minitas my sister made balloon animals for the kids. Next to her is a pic of the two Gabriels. They were little tikes of 5 years old running around playing in the dirt not to long ago. Now they're both close to 6 ft tall. Scary :)


Larry has been amazing! He's been keeping Gabe company. Teaching Gabe how to paint (my room :) and challenging him in the basketball court as well. I hear rumor that Larry's going to be cooking for us tomorrow :):):)
Gabe has been painting in between his air guitar solos!!!!! The last pic here in the right is of the group from Minnesota that was here several weeks ago. They were a huge blessing! Thank you guys!!!!!!

God bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!